The aim of Lakeshore Press Music is to make free instrumental sheet music available to school, community, and professional bands and other musical groups.

You can click on the kind of music of interest to you, browse the library, and download the score and the parts.

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  3. Music for solo euphonium
  4. Music for other ensembles
  5. Music for tuba quartet

We also provide an opportunity for you to donate something in order to keep this service operational. In a way, this is "sheet music on the honor system." The donation is made through PayPal. When you click the Donate button you will be directed to PayPal, which is a free payment and money transfer program. 

All contributions to keep Lakeshore Press Music are appreciated.

The music in the Lakeshore Press Music library is all copyrighted. By downloading the music you agree to not infringe on the copyright by claiming the music to be your own. You are otherwise welcome, and indeed encouraged, to copy, share, and perform the music, provided proper credit is given. 

If you are interested in purchasing the book The Lonesome Euphonium (two hundred tunes for the unaccompanied euphonium) please click here. This link will take you to

More band transcriptions, by Paul Hanna of the Tallahassee Winds, are available from his web site,